Dear Auto-Pilot Income Seeker,

No matter what "niche" you market to...

If you want to generate a serious passive income from multiple revenue sources, then you must build automated websites made up of LOTS and LOTS of unique content.

If you've been online for any length of time you realize this to be a FACT, especially if you want your sites to be successful.

By having your own unique, "content-based" websites you will:

     BOOST your search engine rank and listing,

     Attract swarms of FREE, "targeted" traffic,

     Generate loyal and repeat website visitors,

     Build YOUR online credibility and trust,

     Hold your site visitors' attention longer,

     Ultimately make more money!

Sure enough, achieving the above results is
unmistakably what you're after...

But if you've ever tried to "create and update" a content-filled website, then you're well aware of the overwhelming tasks that are involved.

For most marketers, this is where the challenge begins...

You've no doubt heard that "Content is King" - BUT - there's a little more to it than just slapping up a bunch of "off-the-shelf" articles that are already being published on every other site out there...

With the number of people offering "private label rights" (PLR) articles you can edit however you wish and call your own, it's never been easier to create highly unique website content.

However, owning the "rights" to these articles is not enough. You will then need to turn them into complete, money-making web pages in order to benefit from them.

A successful website generally requires dozens of articles, which means creating dozens of complete, linked content web pages.

Using a conventional site builder will literally take you days and days of solid [slaving] effort!

Until now you've had no other options.. But that's a thing of the past...

Introducing the all new...

'Income Automator Pro' Web Building Profit Automation Software!

"Generate Complete *Private Label* Niche Content Websites And Upload Them To Your Web Host -- All at the Push of a Button!"

Imagine in just a few moments being able to quickly and efficiently...

Generate an UNLIMITED ARSENAL of unique, fully automated "content-style" niche websites ready to bring you traffic and make YOU money!

Convert an entire set of private label articles (or ANY set of articles) into complete *multi-page* websites featuring YOUR Google Adsense and Amazon affiliate ads, along with YOUR CHOICE of ClickBank products... or ANY product!

Create QUALITY, Content-Rich Magnets that hold people at your sites longer and keep them coming back to visit time-and-time again!

Attract FREE traffic from the search engines with built-in SEO solutions!

Build your own MASSIVE Niche Empire in no time flat!

Maintain and update your sites with total 1-click ease!

Enhance your site-building efforts and DOMINATE your competition!

Drive in hungry visitors by "Feeding" targeted traffic through to ANY site or landing page you wish!

And Much More!

Who Would Have Thought Building Money Making
Niche 'CONTENT' Sites Could Be So Simple

Income Automator Pro
is an "all-in-one" solution designed to save YOU time and increase YOUR revenue by building quality niche content websites at the click of a button!

Unlike other "site builders" that utilize NON-EXCLUSIVE articles obtained from public directories with your COMPETITORS name on them, Income Automator Pro uses your own UNIQUE content derived from private label articles that have YOUR name on them!

Complete with easy-to-use software tools, ready-made *fully customizable* templates, professionally written articles, "plug & play" design graphics, and step-by-step instructions, Income Automator Pro will prove itself a valuable asset to have in your web business toolbox.

With no installation required, you can have your first site up and running within a matter of minutes!!!

Let's take a look at each powerful feature and all the benefits you'll find built-into this amazing program...

IAP/Module 1-PRO: 'Article Site Builder' PRO Version

Build COMPLETE Money-Making Niche Websites Instantly!

At the heart of Income Automator Pro is an amazing tool that will instantly convert an entire set of articles (private label or otherwise) into search engine friendly web pages, complete with automatic money-making features built right in!

Regardless of the number of articles you have to publish, building quality niche content sites has never been easier...

Activate the site building software from within your Income Automator Pro "package"...
Select your "articles & template" and enter your details into the simple form...

Click the "create" button and your new website will instantly be built for you, ready to upload to your
web host!

Here's a screen shot showing you how EASY this software is to use:

Click Here to view a simple breakdown for using this software

*Step by step instructions are available from inside the software package

Before You Continue...

Check out our LIVE demo sites built within minutes using
the tools and resources included with Income Automator Pro...

As you can see, with this software you can create professional looking websites with many powerful features including:

Multiple Google Adsense "ad units" fully customized with YOUR Adsense ID!

Google "search box" fully customized with YOUR Adsense ID in all the results!

Multiple, automatically generated Amazon ads with product photos and "buy now" buttons, all fully customized with YOUR Amazon affiliate ID!

Optional Amazon "search box" using YOUR Amazon affiliate ID in all the results!...

Optional language translation flags for instant "single click" translation of all the pages!

Automatically generated "video wall" featuring 14 free videos designed to match the theme of your site, as well as enhance the site's content and appearance!

Automatically generated "site map page" providing a full overview of all your articles and web pages, an optional "links page" for exchanging links with other websites, plus the option to generate a "privacy page" which is now required by Google to participate in AdSense!

Optional "home page rotator" feature which randomly chooses a different article each day to use as your sites' home page - designed to enhance search engine listing and site spidering WITHOUT updating your sites!  (see below for more details of this feature)

Randomly generated "cross links" on all pages to ensure FULL search engine spidering of the site!  (see below for more details of this feature)

Dynamically generated "search phrase customization" feature keeps more visitors on your sites longer by PERSONALIZING your web pages with the exact same phrase they entered into the search engine!  (see below for more details of this feature)

Optional, randomly generated "snippets" taken from each of your articles and used to create completely unique content web pages at the click of a button!  (see below for more details of this feature)

Auto-inserted affiliate links gives you additional profit streams directly inside your content, boosting your income with no additional effort!  (see below for more details of this feature)

Automatic inclusion of your header graphic, including auto-resizing of the web pages to match the width and height of your graphic!

Completely template driven, allowing you to easily change designs, layouts, colors... add your own videos, autoresponder forms, social media buttons and more!

Plus Income Automator Pro now includes the following NEW tools and features:

Header Text Tool allows you to create customized header graphics with ease! (see below for more details of this feature)

Website Uploader Tool allows you to upload your site to your web host with the click of your mouse! (see below for more details of this feature)

The software now saves the settings for each site, making it easier to update/rebuild your sites in the future!

The Search Phrase Customizer feature is now integrated into the software, as well as being available separately for use on your other websites.

Bonus 'MONSTER PLR Article & Graphics Pack' gives you the convenience of having 12,000 private label articles, 150 customizable header graphics, and 50 ready-made niche headers at your fingertips so you can get started building MEGA-MONSTER content sites immediately!

Bonus 'Easy PRO Power Tools' allow you to track all your page views & site stats, rotate banner ads on your sites, and even generate additional traffic from social marketing!

Bonus 'Mass Traffic Blueprint Strategy Guide' shows you easily how to get UNLIMITED free traffic step by step to all your sites - plus this exclusive guide even comes with 1-click "re-branding rights" so you can give it away or sell it yourself and make money for each copy of Income Automator Pro that is sold through your branded ebook!

With all it's simplicity and powerful functionality, I'm sure you can see how Income Automator Pro makes light work of an otherwise frustrating task!

I've seen enough, I'm ready to grab my copy of 'Income Automator Pro'
right now through this special introductory offer...

IAP/Module 2-PRO: 'Random Home Page Maximizer'

Improve Search Engine Ranking WITHOUT Updating Your Site!

Built into our software is a special "random home page" feature which shows your sites 'home page' as a different article every 24 hours.

This is designed to make your site appear to be manually updated every day, which has shown to improve search engine ranking WITHOUT the need for continual updates!

It also provides "deeper spidering" of your sites, ensuring that ALL your pages get indexed.

This feature is built into Income Automator Pro, so you only need to select the option when using the site builder and it is incorporated into your websites automatically.

However, you may already have other content sites you'd like to apply this to...

That's why your copy of Income Automator Pro includes a special Random Home Page script, allowing you to apply this powerful feature to any website.  

There is NO setup or complicated installation required.

Simply upload the script to your website in place of your index page - and it will handle everything automatically.

Adding this powerful feature to all your websites couldn't be easier!

IAP/Module 3-PRO: 'Random Cross Linker Plus'

Include ALL Your Web Pages In The Search Engine Listings!

Did you know that by linking every page of your website to all the others in sequence can result in some search engines failing to "spider" some of your pages - and thus not include them in the search listings?

With our exclusive "random cross link" feature, each of your article pages will contain links to all of your other article pages - selected at random!

This provides an incredible solution to the search engine spider problem, especially when used in conjunction with the random home page feature above.

This feature is built into the software and is incorporated into your sites automatically.

However, you may already have other sites you'd like to apply this to...

That's why your copy of Income Automator Pro includes a special Random Cross Link script, allowing you to apply this powerful feature to any website.

The Random Cross Link script is NOT limited to just article sites either...

It can be used to randomly link to different product "sales pages" - or any other type of page, providing a powerful solution for ensuring effective "deep spidering" of any website!

Adding this powerful feature to all your websites couldn't be easier!

IAP/Module 4-PRO: 'Search Phrase Customizer'

Increase YOUR Chances Of Keeping Visitors and Making Money!

Building a quality content site with numerous money-making features is a great strategy in it's own right, but unless people STAY at your site long enough to see what you have to offer, it doesn't even matter!

What I'm referring to here is known as the "Click Back Factor", and many sites unfortunately suffer from it.

This problem arises from the massive number of sites listed by the search engines for just about any search term.

...Meaning just because someone clicks the link to visit your site, unless what they see is immediately relevant to their search, they will "click away" and visit another site.

It's been estimated that you have just a few seconds to convince a visitor that what they're searching for can be found on your site.

This is where Search Phrase Customizer comes in, allowing you to keep visitors on your sites longer by taking the exact same search phrase they entered into the search engine and displaying it wherever you want to on your web page!

Here's an example to illustrate this concept...

You have a niche website covering the general topic "European Travel", with a set of related articles targeting smaller sub-topics/keywords...

A visitor arrives at a specific page after using the search term "Christmas in Europe"...

Instead of showing them a generic title like "Travel Europe", with our unique Search Phrase Customizer software your page will show them a title like this:

Looking to spend Christmas in Europe?...

Since the first thing they see is the exact term they're searching for, they are much more likely to check out the page and read your articles, reviews, etc.

Since the title is dynamically generated based on the search phrase being used by the individual visitor, another visitor reaching the same web page but using the search term "European Christmas" would see the title...

Treat yourself to a European Christmas...

Pretty cool, huh?...

By "personalizing" your web pages in this manner, you can help convince visitors to stay with your site a little longer, thus giving you a better chance of making money!

IAP/Module 5-PRO: 'Random Snippet Generator'

Instantly Generate UNIQUE Content Web Pages!

As you probably know, the search engines LOVE unique content. This simply means that if your web pages are unique, you'll get lots more search engine traffic to your site.

The neat thing about using Private Label articles is you have the rights to edit and modify them however you wish to create your own unique website content, and this is a benefit you should take advantage of in order to maximize your search engine traffic.

However, modifying articles takes time and effort. It would be so much easier if you could generate unique content on your web pages automatically.

Now with the all new Income Automator Proyou can do exactly that, generating unique web pages with zero extra effort...

Income Automator Pro uses a special feature called "random snippets" to make your web pages different than those of anyone else - even if you're using the exact same articles!

What is a "Snippet"?

A "snippet" is a small section taken from an article, with a typical length anywhere from 100 to 400 characters.

A "standard" snippet is taken from the front of an article, so basically just the first few sentences are used.  These are generally used on article directories and do not have much of a benefit in terms of unique content.

A "random" snippet is taken from anywhere in the article - normally from somewhere in the middle.

How does this benefit you?

By using this software, you can instantly and automatically fill a section of each one of your web pages with random snippets taken from the articles used to build your site!

Therefore, each web page of your site contains the "main article" for that page - plus a set of randomly selected snippets from your other articles.

Since the snippets are "randomly selected", the odds of anyone else having the same web pages as yours, even if they're using the same content, is practically none.

IAP/Module 6-PRO: 'Affiliate Link Injector'

Automatically BOOST Your Affiliate Income!

Even though your web pages are packed with numerous money-making features, there is still one slight drawback...

People reading your articles may not pay attention to your ads, since they're not part of the actual article itself.

By using the all new Income Automator Pro, that problem is now solved...

Our special [built-in] "link injection" feature actually puts additional advertising links directly inside all your articles, so they cannot be overlooked.

This is the same sort of process used by popular information sites such as the hugely successful

On sites like this, when there is additional information available for a specific word or phrase, that word or phrase is turned into a "clickable link".  When someone clicks the link, a new window opens with related information.

Affiliate Link Injector uses the same highly successful strategy to boost the profits from YOUR sites!

Simply find some related affiliate products from ClickBank (or any other source), then enter suitable keywords or phrases into the software...

In just seconds, ALL of your selected keywords and phrases appearing throughout your ENTIRE site will automatically be turned into clickable links promoting your affiliate products!

This builds additional profit streams inside your content, thus boosting your income on auto-pilot!

IAP/Module 7-PRO: 'Easy Graphic Customizer'

Quickly Create Your Own CUSTOMIZED Header Graphics!

In order to create a complete content site, you need a set of articles and a header graphic.

There are loads of ready-made articles and graphics available online - and some commercial article packages come with matching headers (note we also provide private label articles and header graphics for you to use, see 'Bonus Module 9' below for details).

Regardless of where you get your headers, you still need to add text to the graphic to customize it for your site. Which usually means using expensive and complicated photo editing software.

This is a major problem for a lot of people, as they do not have the necessary software - or they don't know how to use it.

I've recognized this as a problem, and that's why Income Automator Pro now comes complete with a special Header Text Tool that makes it downright easy to add your own text to any header graphic.

To use the tool, you first select the header graphic jpg file on your PC. The tool then displays the header graphic, as shown in the screenshot below:

You'll notice underneath the graphic header is a set of controls to allow you to add text...

Using this tool, you can add up to four separate 'text strings' to a graphic. Just select the number (1, 2, 3 or 4) in order to enter/edit that particular string (if you don't want to use all four strings, just leave the unused ones blank).

To enter the text for a string, simply enter the text into the box on the tool. The text is shown on the header as you type it.

You can select the font, font size, font color and whether to bold and/or italic the text. The changes are immediately shown on the header for you to view.

To select the position of the text, use the two sliders at the right and bottom of the header. The results are shown instantly, allowing you to easily position the text exactly where you want it.

Once you are happy with the result, just click Save and your header is saved, ready for use. You can then proceed to build your article site using the new header graphic. You can also edit the header graphic again at any time in the future to adjust any of the text strings.

This simple solution allows you to easily create customized headers for your all your sites, typically in less than two minutes!

IAP/Module 8-PRO: 'Easy Website Uploader'

Automatically UPLOAD Your Website To Your Web Host!

After you have created your website, you'll need to upload it to your web host for it to be "live" on the Internet.

You can use any FTP program you wish to upload your site, but Income Automator Pro now includes its own easy to use Website Uploader Tool that is simple "1-Click" Easy!

Here's a screenshot of this simple tool:

To use the tool, click the Browse button and select the folder on your PC where your website was saved. If you want the site uploaded to a folder on your website, enter the name of the folder into the second box (leave the box blank otherwise).

Next, click the FTP Setup button and enter your FTP details (your domain name and your web host user name and password). These details will be remembered so its even quicker to upload additional sites in the future.

Then just click the Upload button and the whole site will be uploaded automatically.

Although this software is intended for uploading your content sites, you can also use it as an easy way to upload anything else you want.

Count me in
!  But first, let's review everything I will instantly receive when I pick up my copy of Income Automator Pro today...

Article Site Builder PRO Version - At the heart of Income Automator Pro is an amazing tool that will instantly convert an entire set of articles into a complete website with automatic money-making features, SEO solutions and more built right in! 

With this powerful software, you can quickly build numerous, multi-page niche content sites with very little effort!

Random Home Page Maximizer - When selected, this optional feature will show your sites 'home page' as a different article every day - so each time a search engine visits your site, the content will appear to have changed!

This simple solution has been shown to increase the ranking of your site without the need for continual updates!

Random Cross Linker Plus - Another built-in SEO feature that will "cross link" each of your article pages to all the other article pages - selected at random!

This provides a powerful search engine solution, especially when combined with the "random home page" feature!

Search Phrase Customizer - Allows you to take the exact search phrase entered into the search engine and display it wherever you want on your web page!

This makes your pages more relevant to web searchers and helps convince visitors to stay with your site a little longer, increasing your chances of making money!

Random Snippet Generator - With this feature you can instantly and automatically fill a section of each one of your web pages with "random snippets" taken from the articles used to build your site!

This is an easy way to build unique content web pages with no extra effort!

Affiliate Link Injector - Another great feature that turns selected keywords and phrases throughout your entire site into "clickable advertising links" that cannot be ignored!

This gives you additional profit streams directly inside your articles, boosting your affiliate income on auto-pilot! 

Easy Graphic Customizer - With this brand new feature, you can easily customize and add text to any graphic header!

This simple solution allows you to build complete content websites with your own 'ready-to-go' customized headers!

Easy Website Uploader - Another brand new feature that makes uploading your website files an absolute breeze!

This is an excellent way to get your website live on the Internet, regardless of your experience level!

*Please note: You will NOT be wrestling with half-a-dozen
different download links, as ALL the software, templates and
instructions are neatly bundled into one complete "Master Package"
giving you convenient access to everything right at your fingertips!

Plus Act Now And You'll Instantly Receive...

Bonus Module 9: 'MONSTER PLR Article Pack'

Get Started Quickly With 12,000 Private Label Articles, 150 Customizable Header Graphics & 50 Ready-Made HOT NICHE Headers!

Instantly launch numerous NICHE money-making content sites with ease...

Massively BOOST your AdSense and affiliate paychecks...

Automatically generate hoards of FREE traffic...

Become an INSTANT Author with UNRESTRICTED Private Label rights to THOUSANDS of articles!

When it comes to UNRESTRICTED *private label* content, nothing compares to the value you'll receive with our exclusive MONSTER PLR Article Pack.

With OVER 12,000 ARTICLES including the "rights" to edit and modify them with ABSOLUTELY NO RESTRICTIONS, you'll soon see why it's now easier than ever to build a *consistent* income producing, niche information-publishing empire of your own, regardless of experience!

...But whatever you do, DON'T mistake this for just another junk package, as these articles are EXTREMELY "content-rich" (most containing 500+ words on average), with NOT ONE single article duplicated!

Plus, the ENTIRE collection has been hand-picked  to cover the majority of today's most popular (and profitable) topics, both online and off...


To make things easy for you, ALL of the 12,000+ articles are
conveniently "bundled" into complete "sets", averaging around 25 articles per set, then organized and alphabetized inside our private members database where you can download them as needed.

Each article set focuses on a different "sub-niche" within the 9 main categories above, so you can easily launch a complete network of products and websites centered around each general topic in no time flat!

And the best part is, with over 500 (and growing) "sub-niche article sets" to choose from, you can build MEGA-MONSTER content sites that your visitors AND the search engines will absolutely LOVE, covering just about every profitable niche you can imagine!...
  • Social Networking
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Online Job Search
  • Home Fitness
  • Health Drinks
  • Video Editing
  • Detox Diet
  • Anti-Aging
  • Online Dating
  • Outsourcing
  • Self Improvement
  • Stress Management
  • Web Traffic
  • Stock Trading
  • Multi-Level Marketing
  • Vitamins & Supplements
  • Work At Home
  • Cyber Security
  • Credit Repair
  • College Scholarships
  • Planning Your Wedding
  • Mortgage Refinance
  • Cash Blogging
  • Offline Marketing
  • Personal Trainer
  • Safe Retirement
  • Venture Capital
  • Get Your Degree Online
  • Mobile Computing
  • Self Publishing
 ...And LOTS More!

Click Here to see the professional quality sites you can build using this complete program

Bonus Module 10-A: 'Easy PRO Power Tools'

Enhance Your Site Building Efforts With Easy To Use Bonus Software!

Traffic Tracker Pro

"Track Your Visitors & Site Stats Automatically"

Traffic Tracker Pro is an easy to use script that will track the number of "new visitors" to each of your web pages and automatically reveals which pages are getting the most traffic.

Simply upload the script to your web host and add a small amount of code to the web pages you wish to track. You can install the script on an unlimited number of websites and view your stats at anytime.

Social Traffic Generator

"Drive Targeted Free Traffic With Ease"

Harness Web 2.0 technology to generate traffic to all your websites using the popular social bookmarking sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious.

Now with Social Traffic Generator, you can easily utilize the power of these services to help boost your website traffic right out of the gate!

Bonus Module 10-B: 'Mass Traffic Blueprint' With VIRAL Re-Branding Rights

Re-Brand This Ebook, Give It Away For Free, Earn Easy Commissions Paid Direct To Your ClickBank Account!

This could be one of the absolute easiest ways to make money and help others at the same time!...

As an Income Automator Pro customer, you'll have the opportunity to give away or sell my exclusive 48 page 'Mass Traffic Blueprint' strategy guide to anyone you wish and get paid in the process!

Simply rebrand this ebook with your ClickBank affiliate ID (it's 1-click easy), then get it out there to as many people as you can...

When they read it and purchase Income Automator Pro through your branded ebook, you'll make
50% commissions through ClickBank ensuring timely payments EVERY WEEK!

Plus as an added incentive I am allowing your ebook readers to sell or giveaway YOUR branded copy, which means every time someone distributes the ebook, they are passing on your links!  This "viral" concept has proven to explode conversions and is an excellent way to earn back your investment while generating long term profits with extremely little effort.

Do You Know the COST of NOT Using
Income Automator Pro?

For the majority of online businesses, the search engines represent one of the most important sources of traffic and sales.

Income Automator Pro will allow you to easily build quality, UNIQUE, content-rich websites with built-in features to attract visitors from the search engines.

It also helps you to generate income from Google AdSense, as well as the Amazon affiliate program, and offers the ability to promote your own affiliate products (or ANY products) while saving you loads of time in the process.

Let me ask you this...

What would it be worth to save yourself from the tedious, mind numbing, and often times frustrating task of building your content sites by hand?...

Look, in the time it takes you to build ONE measly website, you could've built FIFTY that are
MORE professional, have MORE content, are MORE search engine friendly, and contain MORE great features - ALL with MORE revenue streams - than any site you could ever build on your own!

Bottom line: Income Automator Pro will save you a tremendous amount of time when it comes to building high quality websites that you can REALLY make money with!

How do you put a price on that? After all, TIME is your most valuable asset.  Isn't that why you automate as many online tasks as possible?

Well if so, then why should your site building tasks be any different?

You've seen for yourself what this software can do, and I'm sure you'd expect to pay a lot for it.  And why wouldn't you?  Each tool alone could be sold as a single product...

But my goal when developing this software was to provide everything needed for building complete, content-rich websites - all packaged together in ONE convenient location - all for an affordable price!  ...And that's exactly what I did.

With all it's amazing features and powerful benefits, I'm sure you would agree that the low one time payment of $49.95 makes this an absolute bargain.

The choice is yours... You can keep creating your passive income sites the hard way, watching every other marketer put up one site after another, attracting free search engine traffic and raking in MASSIVE hands-free profits with very little effort...

...OR you can make the one-time *risk free* investment in Income Automator Pro and truly experience for yourself what it's like to have a "Web Building Profit Automation Solution" right at your fingertips!

You Will Love This Software Or Your Money Back...

When you invest in Income Automator Pro you will have a full 60 days to use the software risk free and ensure your satisfaction.

I am 100% confident you will be absolutely delighted with this program and all it has to offer...

But rest assured you are fully covered by my no questions asked, no hassle satisfaction policy; which means if you are not totally blown away by this program you will get a prompt and courteous refund.

Discover the "all-in-one" solution for launching money making niche websites in minutes... and it's entirely risk free!

Simply Click The "Order Now" Button Below To Get Started:

Order 'Income Automator Pro' For A One Time Payment Of $49.95 And Get Future Updates FREE!

YES! I want immediate access to 'Income Automator Pro' which includes the 8 main modules + 2 bonus modules outlined above, so I can build money-making niche websites INSTANTLY!

Along with the newest 'PRO VERSION' of the software I will receive 12,000 private label articles, 150 customizable header graphics & 50 ready-made niche headers + Easy PRO Power Tools + Mass Traffic Blueprint w/ Viral Re-Branding Rights which is why I'm ordering right now.

I understand Income Automator Pro costs a one time fee of just $49.95 through this special introductory offer with nothing more to pay again, plus I'm getting all future updates absolutely free!

I am very comfortable investing in Income Automator Pro today, and if for ANY reason I am not totally satisfied, I can contact you directly anytime within the next 60 days and I will receive a full, prompt, and courteous refund.

Since I will instantly receive everything upon successful completion of my secure order, I'm rushing to get started:

The low price of this software could go up at any time without notice.

You will receive immediate access directly after purchase.

Problems Ordering?... Need Support?...

Click Here To Contact Us

To Your Web Building Success,

Julie Maia
Income Automator Pro

PS:  If you're ready to stop wasting precious time building your sites the hard way, Income Automator Pro provides ALL the software and resources needed to generate unlimited niche websites, attract free traffic from the search engines, and easily turbo charge your online profits!

PPS:  Remember, the risk is entirely on me. Use this software *risk free* for 60 days and prove to yourself that it works just like I've promised. If you aren't satisfied for any reason, just let me know and you will receive a prompt, full refund.

PPPS:  Still uncertain?... Well, ask yourself this:

"Would you rather buy a 200 page ebook that only TELLS you about the awesome, money-making potential of niche content sites, or would you rather own a simple, fully automated software SOLUTION that instantly builds them FOR YOU, so you can immediately start realizing this potential for yourself?"

The choice is clear...  Click Here To Get Started Today.

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You will need your own domain name and web host to upload the site files to. 

Additional Notes: You do not need a separate domain name for every website you build. You can easily run your sites off of "subfolders" (i.e. if you prefer. An easy to use website uploader tool is included with the software and step by step instructions are provided.

Disclaimer: Although content based websites generated from articles and combined with Adsense/Affiliate ads have been proven to be an effective form of income generation, the results are dependent on many factors outside of our control, including the articles used, website design and keywords targeted. We are not therefore able to give any guarantees about the level of income that you will attain by using this package, or even give any assurances that you will earn anything at all. We will however refund your money in full in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your purchase.

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